SMM School News Highlights

SMM School News Highlights

There is always something new and exciting happening at SMM School! Take some time to peruse the links below to see what’s the latest!


8th Grade Students Prepare for Class posted 8/26/2016
IMG_0080  Mrs. Coates teaches 8th grade literature and junior high math classes. Unexpected twists are also part of her curriculum. Math Auctions held at the end of each semester generate motivation for students to earn extra points on quizzes and homework for greater auction buying power.
New School Year Begins with  Blessing posted 8/26/2016
Father Vincent welcomes parents and leads the gathering in prayer to bless SMM students, teachers, faculty and staff for the upcoming school year.  A second prayer was offered for our wonderful computer teacher, Mrs. Fleming.  JPEG image-81432ED0A68A-1
Hablas Español posted 1/31/16
IMG_4044 7th grade students created doll houses for a recent Spanish project. Each house had to feature five rooms, an outside patio, and a garage. Students labeled the furniture using their Spanish vocabulary words.
Gifts for our Sister School – All Saints posted 12/21/15
“God is Good” – sharing our gifts with our sister school, All Saints (follow the link for a report from  delivered
Merry Christmas to our Senior Saints posted 12/10/15
sr saints christmas Today was the annual holiday Senior Saints luncheon.  The 3rd grade SMM students entertained the group with their fun holiday hats and Christmas carols.
1st Grade Tours the Joslyn Art Museum posted 11/12/15
SMM First Graders took a field trip to the Joslyn Art Museum today. They took a museum tour to learn and view the timeless beauty of art and actually created their own masterpieces by following these guidelines: Shape, line, texture, space, color and value.  joselyn
Autumn Beauty posted 10/16/15
autum beauty These seasonal gorgeous mums greet the kids each day as they enter the school ready to learn. Thanks to our creative and talented parents for such welcoming beauty.
Nosey Newsies posted 10/6/15
The 8th graders are catching up on current events in Mr. Mikuls room.. newseys
8th Grade Kicks Off New School Year with Breakfast posted 8/24/15
breakfast 8th graders kick off their final year at SMM with a beautiful outdoor breakfast gathering and walk to school together.
Biennial Trip to Washington DC posted 6/1/15
Every other year the 7th and 8th graders have an opportunity to visit Washinton DC. Here they are in front of the White House this year. white house
 Last Week of School – Field Day(s)! posted 5/20/15
 field day  The rain didn’t put a damper on these 4th and 5th graders.  Mrs. Volmer’s revamped field day had students serving as knights on a quest to overcome 10 different obstacle stations culminating in a huge game of tug of war.  It was the best!

SMM Monarch Meadow is Blooming with Love posted 5/19/15

 With the help of many hands and big hearts, the Saint Margaret Mary Monarch Meadow is officially planted!  A big thanks to all who dug, planted, plotted, watered and tended. We are so grateful!


Wrapped in Prayer posted 4/21/15

wrapped in prayer 313x232

 During the school year, SMM parents meet monthly to say a full rosary. When the weather is nice, the rosary is prayed around the outside of the school building. During the winter, the prayers are said in the school hallways. The prayers are offered for the intentions of the entire parish family but especially for past and current students, staff, and teachers.

Confirmation Prep posted 4/18/15

SMM 8th graders have spent the last 16 months preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Preparations include monthly meetings with small faith groups, community service projects, and a retreat. Read more… bell ringers 200x150

Scooter Hockey posted 3/12/15

scooter hockey

Indoor hockey on scooters?? Who knew!? Jr. High students Rockin’ and Rollin’ in gym class.

Monarch Butterfly Garden posted 2/25/15

SMM School has been awarded a grant from the NCEA Monarch rescue project to create a 1550 sq ft butterfly garden on the school grounds.CLICK HERE to see a short video about our school childrens’ plans for the new butterfly garden!CLICK HERE for a 12-minute Google Earth video on monarch migration. butterfly

Lent at SMM posted 2/18/15


SMM students walking to Mass on Ash Wednesday. See what else is going on at SMM this Lent.

Catholics Schools Week – Jan 26-30 posted 1/28/15

To celebrate Catholic Schools Week on Tuesday,  SMM had a free casual day.  The 3rd grade teachers added some fun to this day by encouraging their students to dress as their favorite character! Check out more pictures on the Parish Blog!
photo 3

Science and History Fairs were very fun! posted 1/26/15


There were some mad scientists at the SMM 7th grade Science Fair!
The SMM 8th grade History fair was full of dedicated research and creativity!!


Advent in the Classroom posted 12/19/14


Learn about some of the many activities that the parish, the school, and my classroom use to prepare children for the birth of Jesus. Read more…

One project was for third graders to photograph scenes from their homes of advent wreaths or nativity sets. A second project involved making those items using Minecraft or Legos.

Our Annual Food Drive for the Heart Ministry Center Pantry was a success! posted 11/24/14

We collected 9428  non-perishable food items! Thank you to all of the families who were so generous!


Third Graders reaching out to others! posted 11/11/14

Barb Gillman The following two articles were prompted by Barb Gilman. Barb is a wife, mother, and one of our third-grade teachers. She is the winner of the 2014 NCEA Distinguished Teacher Award for the Plains States.

A Twist on the Traditional Food Drive (from the Catechists’ Journey at Loyola Press)

Promoting Vocations Through Skype (from the Catholic News Service)

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