Parish Pastoral Plan

Parish Pastoral Plan

We’re sure you will find something in this plan that you are passionate about! Follow the links below, discover what’s waiting for you particularly, and then let us know!

The Plan is administered by the Parish Council. Contact one of them when you discover what you want to get involved with.

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5 Planning AreasText in bold is a definition;text in italics is our parish’s Outcome Statement – what we hope to achieve from the plan

  • Eucharist: The convergence point of all the vital elements of parish life, the source and summit of the parish’s expression of its life in Christ as the Body of Christ.
    • Sunday Mass and Holy Eucharist are the source and summit of the life of the parish to be celebrated with the full and active participation of our parishioners
  • Evangelization: The element which encompasses any way in which the parish continues to spread the good news of Jesus and to bring others to God.
    • Create a welcoming home where all people share the Good News of Jesus in Words and Deeds through their experiences.
  • Stewardship: The element which encompasses prayer of thanksgiving for the many gifts of God and the sharing of those gifts through acts of service.
    • Support a culture of giving, grounded in thanksgiving for God’s many gifts.
  • Catechesis: The element which teaches, explains and informs parishioners of all ages in the Scripture and Tradition of the Church
    • Nurture a life-long desire to know God more deeply through education and community.
  • Formation: The element which promotes a lived faith that is bold, courageous and effective.
    • Effectively engage catechetical knowledge of the Lord Jesus and move it to the heart where it becomes a lived faith that is bold and courageous.


Saint Margaret Mary Pastoral Prayer for Grace and Guidance
– by Deacon Chuck Adams

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, you provided St. Margaret Mary the grace and the guidance to proclaim the great mercy contained within your Sacred Heart. Just as many were led to restore their relationship with God the Father through the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we petition our patroness, St. Margaret Mary, to renew the Trinitarian call of our Baptism to be beloved Sons and Daughters of the Father and to become the disciples of the Lord by proclaiming his gospel to the world.

Move us to reach out to the lost and inactive members of our community. Free us from the chains of a “faith practice” dominated by the American consumer culture of “what’s in it for me.” Give each of us the grace to change that which is comfortable and secure to embrace a Gospel message that is challenging, demanding and counter – cultural. May we grow deeply in our faith! Open our hearts to on-going conversions which will bring us into a deeper relationship with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Transform this parish to witness the loving presence of the Sacred Heart in this third millennium. Amen

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