Outcome Three (Stewardship)

Outcome Three (Stewardship)

We, though many, are one body in Christ and individually parts of one another. Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us exercise them. — Romans 12:5-8

Stewardship involves recognizing the gifts we have been given and sharing them. We have amazing and wonderful people in our parish who simply need to be invited to share their talents with others. Reach out to them. Ask yourself first, and then ask them:

  • How closely do you feel connected to other members of our parish?
  • How aware are you of the variety of activities and projects our parish undertakes each week?
  • Do you think you have something to offer that no one else can? If so, what is it? If not, why not?
  • Would you agree that being involved in any parish activity provides opportunities for new friendships and new insights?

The objectives we have to build a culture of gratitude are simple.

  1. Increase the number of parishioners actively participating in parish activities
  2. Develop a training component for each ministry’s volunteers
  3. Invite parishioners to participate in parish ministries – even those limited by time, health or availability
  4. Create a plan to achieve parish financial goals and objectives

There are a number of Action Items listed in the Pastoral Plan (see pages 13, 14) that you can join. If any of these items interest you, get involved!

The Parish Council members who are facilitating all efforts for Outcome Three are , and

Send one of us an e-mail saying you’re interested and let’s talk!


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