Outcome Five (Formation)

Outcome Five (Formation)

Society is essential to the fulfillment of the human vocation. To attain this aim, respect must be accorded to the just hierarchy of values, which “subordinates physical and instinctual dimensions to interior and spiritual ones:”(CA 36#2)

Human society must primarily be considered something pertaining to the spiritual. Through it, in the bright light of truth, men should share their knowledge, be able to exercise their rights and fulfill their obligations, be inspired to seek spiritual values; mutually derive genuine pleasure from the beautiful, of whatever order it be; always be readily disposed to pass on to others the best of their own cultural heritage; and eagerly strive to make their own the spiritual achievements of others. These benefits not only influence, but at the same time give aim and scope to all that has bearing on cultural expressions, economic, and social institutions, political movements and forms, laws, and all other structures by which society is outwardly established and constantly developed.(PC 36) [CCC1886]

Social justice can be obtained only in respecting the transcendent dignity of man. The person represents the ultimate end of society, which is ordered to him:

What is at stake is the dignity of the human person, whose defense and promotion have been entrusted to us by the Creator, and to whom the men and women at every moment of history are strictly and responsibly in debt. (SRS 47) [CCC 1929]

Respect for the human person proceeds by way of respect for the principle that “everyone should look upon his neighbor (without any exception) as ‘another self,’ above all bearing in mind his life and the means necessary for living it with dignity.” (GS 27#1) No legislation could by itself do away with the fears, prejudices, and attitudes of pride and selfishness which obstruct the establishment of truly fraternal societies. Such behavior will cease only through the charity that finds in every man a “neighbor,” a brother. [CCC 1931]

The duty of making oneself a neighbor to others and actively serving them becomes even more urgent when it involves the disadvantaged, in whatever area this may be. “As you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.”(Mt 25:40) [CCC 1932]

Outcome Five (Formation) will be accomplished primarily through these two goals:

  • GOAL 1
    • The Catechesis and Faith Formation Board will develop and communicate annual themes/topics reflective of the liturgical seasons.
  • GOAL 2
    • We will establish a Social Justice Outreach Program and explore collaborative opportunities with neighboring parishes.

There are a number of Action Items listed in the Pastoral Plan (see pages 20, 21) that you can join. If any of these items interest you, get involved!

The Parish Council members who are facilitating all efforts for Outcome Five are , , and .

Send one of us an email and let’s talk!

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