Help for All Saints – Our Sister School

Help for All Saints – Our Sister School

Please consider helping out your sister school by signing up to help in the following areas:

Help in the classroom – All Saints teachers do not have regular help in the classroom so this is an area of need and we have already had a few people sign up. This is volunteer help on a consistent weekly basis, a few hours a week. Please visit volunteer spot link to see what openings are still available.

We also need help in the following areas that are not on Volunteer Spot but you can call Colleen McLeay at 402-319-1597 or email at discuss if you are interested.

Art Moms and Room Moms: Because Many of our students’ parents are not able to help in the classroom so this is also an area of need. If you are interested in either of these areas, please contact Colleen McLeay.


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