Pro Sanctity Movement

The Pro Sanctity Movement is a worldwide Catholic movement organized to promote the universal call to holiness and to offer all people the spiritual means to respond to this call. The Pro Sanctity Movement, founded in Italy in 1947 by Bishop William Giaquinta, is composed of lay people of all ages, consecrated people and priests. The goals of the Movement are to love God and to make Him loved; to quench His thirst and to help others quench His thirst; to strive for personal sanctification and to lead others to holiness.

Contact: Teresa Monaghen, A.O., National Moderator and Director of the Pro Sanctity Movement
11002 North 204th Street
Elkhorn, NE 68022

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The Apostolic Oblates are consecrated lay women whose lives are totally available to the apostolate of the Pro Sanctity Movement. The apostolate includes: retreats, summer camp for girls, college & young adult ministry, parish work, secular jobs, spiritual direction, and family formation.

Apostolic Oblates
6762 Western Avenue
Omaha, NE 68132


  • Office, mailing, calling, planning, organizing…
  • Small group leaders for Confirmation Retreats!
  • Cooking, kitchen and hospitality, and help for a whole variety of activities for all ages!
  • Green Team is a great Pro Sanctity group to join!

Go to web site and the PRO SANCTITY RETREAT CENTER BLOG for details.

All ages of volunteers accepted.

Contact Teresa at  402-289-2670 or Joan at  402-553-4418