Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts, Pack 387 –  Grades 1 – 5

Contacts: Britton and Cathy DeWeese, 614-4273

Cub Scouting is a year-round program for boys in the 1st through 5th grade. Boys join the Cub Scout Pack and are assigned to a den, usually a group of six to ten boys. The dens meet every other week. Once a month, all of the dens and family members gather for a Pack meeting. Parents, leaders, and organizations work together to achieve the ten purposes of Cub Scouting:

Character Development Respectful Relationships
Spiritual Growth Personal Achievement
Good Citizenship Friendly Service
Sportsmanship &nd Fitness Fun and Adventure
Family Understanding Preparation for Boy Scouts


    Cub Scouting means “doing” and having fun. Everything in Cub Scouting is designed to have the boys doing things. Activities are used to achieve the aims of Scouting?itizenship training, character development, and personal fitness. Many of the activities happen right in the den and pack. The Pack holds an annual Pinewood Derby, which provides an opportunity for the scouts to build and race their own car. The Pack also attends a weekend-long summer camp.
    Cub Scouting Ideals
    The Cub Scout Promise, the Law of the Pack, the Tiger Cub motto, and the Cub Scout sign, handshake, motto, and salute all teach good citizenship and contribute to a boy’s sense of belonging. 


Cub Scout Promise I, (name), promise to do my best To do my duty to God and my country, To help other people, and To obey the Law of the Pack.
Cub Scout Motto Do Your Best.
Tiger Cub Motto Search, Discover, Share.
Law of the Pack The Cub Scout follows Akela. The Cub Scout helps the Pack go. The Pack helps the Cub Scout grow. The Cub Scout gives good will
Colors The Cub Scout colors are blue and gold. They have special meaning, which will help boys see beyond the fun of Cub Scouting to its ultimate goals. The blue stands for truth and spirituality, steadfast loyalty, and the sky above. The gold stands for warm sunlight, good cheer, and happiness.

Advancement and Uniforms

Tiger Cub:

The Tiger Cub program is for first grade (or age 7) boys and their adult partners. There are five Tiger Cub achievement areas. The Tiger Cub, working with his adult partner, completes 15 requirements within these areas to earn the Tiger Cub Badge. These requirements consist of an exciting series of indoor and outdoor activities just right for a boy in the first grade.

Tiger Cubs, and Tiger Cub adult partners, wear orange uniform shirts. Tiger cubs do not wear neckerchiefs. Scout pants, belts, hats or other Scout wear are not required. The blue SMM uniform pants/shorts are fair duplicates of the standard Cub Scout pants/shorts.



The Bobcat rank is for all boys who join Cub Scouting. To earn the Bobcat badge, the scout must learn the Cub Scout basics: Motto, Promise, Law of the Pack, etc.



The Wolf program is for boys who have completed first grade (or are age 8). To earn the Wolf badge, a boy must pass twelve achievements involving simple physical and mental skills.

Wolves wear the blue Cub Scout shirt with a yellow neckerchief. Scout pants, belts, hats or other Scout wear are not required. The blue SMM uniform pants/shorts are fair duplicates of the standard Cub Scout pants/shorts


The Bear rank is for boys who have completed second grade (or are age 9). There are 24 Bear achievements in four categories. The Cub Scout must complete 12 of these to earn the Bear badge. These requirements are somewhat more difficult and challenging than those for Wolf rank.

Bears wear the blue Cub Scout shirt with a blue neckerchief. Scout pants, belts, hats or other Scout wear are not required. The blue SMM uniform pants/shorts are fair duplicates of the standard Cub Scout pants/shorts


This program is for boys who have completed third grade (or are age 10). A boy may begin working on the Webelos badge as soon as he joins a Webelos den. This is the first step in his transition from the Webelos den to the Boy Scout troop. As he completes the requirements found in the Webelos Scout Book, he will work on activity badges, attend meetings led by adults, and become familiar with the Boy Scout requirements?ll leading to the Arrow of Light Award.

Webelos can wear either the blue Cub Scout shirt or the brown Boy Scout shirt with a plaid neckerchief. Scout pants, belts, hats or other Scout wear are not required. The blue SMM uniform pants/shorts are fair duplicates of the standard Cub Scout pants/shorts

Arrow of Light

The highest rank award in Cub Scouting and the only Cub Scout rank which may be worn on the Boy Scout Uniform.


The Pack charges a fee of $50 per year. For each scout, this pays registration fees, a subscription to Boy’s Life magazine, a Pinewood Derby car, rank advancement badges, attendance beads and other incidental costs.

Each boy should also have a uniform shirt, neckerchief (if appropriate) and rank book. Uniform shirts, neckerchiefs, books and other scouting items may be purchased at Canfields (85th and Center) or the MAC Scout Shop (South Side, 123rd and Maple).

Finally, individual dens may charge a small meeting fee ($1-$2 per meeting). The den meeting fees typically cover costs related to an individual den craft project, travel expense, and/or snacks and drinks at the meeting.

Parents/Adult Volunteers
    Cub Scouting is designed for the boys to have fun, while meeting the objectives of the program. Adults, whether providing transportation, working as den leaders or providing a speaker for a Pack meeting, really make the program work. The following is a list of adult volunteer positions available. The Pinewood Derby and Blue & Gold Banquet especially require a significant number of volunteers. 


Position Description
Committee Chair The Pack Committee is responsible for overall Pack management and oversight of Pack and Den activities. The Committee Chair calls and presides at meeting of committee, and supervises committee operation.
Committee Member (3 members) Attend committee meetings. Supervise and support operations of Pack, treasury and dens.
Pack Treasurer Supervise Pack budget plan. Keep Pack Financial Record Book. Receive dues from den leaders, and parents. Responsible for Pack bank account. Member of Pack Committee.
Cubmaster Supervise recruiting of new boys and adults. Help plan pack programs. Preside at monthly pack meetings. Attend monthly district meetings. Build ideals of Cub Scouting into the lives of boys. Promote advancement and conduct advancement ceremonies.
Assistant Cubmaster Help Cubmaster carry out responsibilities and take over in his/her absence.
Den Leaders/Assistant Den Leaders Work with boys and parents to assure an active advancement program. Provide an educational program for the boys in den. Hold den meetings. Organize the den for all pack activities.
Religious Awards Organize and distribute religious award materials. Setup interviews with Pastor or Associate Pastor. Deliver paperwork and order medals from Archdiocese. Plan post-Mass reception.
Blue & Gold Banquet Committee The Blue and Gold Banquet is the annual “birthday” celebration for scouting. The committee plans and manages the arrangements for the banquet.
Pinewood Derby Race Committee Manage weigh-in and racing for the Pinewood Derby.
Pinewood Derby Food Committee Plan and prepare lunch during Pinewood Derby.
Pinewood Derby Raffle Run the raffle during the Pinewood Derby.
Pinewood Derby Track Leasing Deliver, set-up, take-down and return the Pack track when leased.
Rank Awards Monthly, or as required, pick up rank awards at the Scout Shop at 120th and Maple.
Newsletter Format den leader submissions and produce monthly newsletter for Pack.
Cake Auction Arrange the annual cake auction fundraiser.